Protection Action For Cross-Border And Joint Management Of Marine Sites Of Community Interest

The project PRO.ACT.NATURA2000 (PROtection ACTions for cross-border and joint management of marine sites of community interest (NATURA2000) is funded by the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece Italy 2007-2013.
The partnerhip of the project is engaged to respond to a cross-border problem triggered by the lack of effective management of MPAs and Marine SCIs, which prevents the maintenance of biodiversity


Media gallery

In the framework of the project, the Apulia Region made a documentary focussed on the protection of the Marine Turtles in the Adriatic- Ionian Macroregion.

Filmed by Eugenio Manghi for 2LD, the video has the contribution of Alan Rees, Ferdinando Boero, Simona Fraschetti and the Governor of Apulia region Nicky Vendola 

In this section you can find the photos collected during the project activities.

A gallery of images from the project areas, the actions made during the project, the releases of Marine Turtles and more.

Project actions

The planned activities were designed following a logic sequence, identifying the roles and the responsibilities for each partners, valuating their experiences and needs.The design has been shared by the partners, with the coordination of LP, to set-up objectives and corresponding expected results, the needful actions to achieve goals and the effectiveness indicators. In order to achieve the project’s objectives and to produce the intended results, the work plan has been divided into a clear sequence of actions, combined and interrelate among them. These actions are defined according to the logical process that has originated the project itself, has planned its development, and that can ensure to hit the expected goals

Planning of the project areas

The management of the Project areas needs a deep planning action, made during the project, with mapping of the environmental characteristics

Follow the turtle tracks

Using the technology of satellite transmitters, we are following 30 marine turtles Caretta caretta during thier roaming in the open Mediterranean Sea